Professional and personal development

Advancing on all levels

The knowledge and expertise of our employees is the basis of our success. For this reason, we intend to keep your knowledge and skills up to date. It is fun to continue to progress, particularly with our popular and diverse qualification offers. Together we work on customized solutions for you, to enable you to optimally master challenging work and to periodically improve yourself on a professional and personal level.

  • Our comprehensive qualification program

    Selective qualification

    Remain up to date in science and technology and determine together with your manager which continuing education courses or programs you should participate in. We provide a diverse selection, from technical seminars to conferences, presentations and classes such as the continuing education classes for sales personnel or the training for purchasing specialists.

    Wieland Training

    Select from our program with around 90 lectures, courses and classes from PC skills training sessions, presentations on technology/production at Wieland, and contributions on personal development, to classes on how to carve with a power saw and driver's safety training. This offer also extends to all family members and students working at Wieland.

  • Our customized development programs

    Wieland Basic Training

    The training is primarily designed for people joining us from academia. Your manager will advise you on creating your own customized program. Possible contents:

    • Communication: Communication 101, how to present and act in meetings, conflict management
    • Project management: Simulation game, methods on target-oriented cooperation
    • Self-management
    • Body language

    Junior staff program

    This development program helps our junior staff prepare to realize their professional goals. Regardless whether as a technical expert or a manager – we consider both development paths to be of equal value.

    Your manager will speak with you about your expertise, interests and development potential. If you qualify for the program, we will support and challenge you with targeted training measures. You will also take on project or international work and get acquainted with new, interdivisional work and expand your network here at Wieland. Possible contents:

    • Management (management roles, communication/feedback, change management, conflict management, self-reflection)
    • Lean management
    • Teamwork
    • Entrepreneurial activities / business management incl. legal environment

    Management training

    Our key technical and management positions are usually filled from within. To ensure that our employees are fit for the respective tasks, we provide customized development programs that will help you improve your competencies in specific areas:

    Entry program "Taking the Lead"

    • Management basics
    • The training is held in intervals. On-site modules alternate with the transfer of the learned material in the current work / management environment. This helps to implement and apply the acquired theoretical expertise in the daily work process.

    Management workshops

    • Part 1: Consolidating management principles, learning helpful management approaches and learning from each other by exchanging expertise
    • Part 2: Management and adding value – active management work and integration of personal goals into the daily course of business, target-setting meetings and results orientation

    Additional potential individual modules

    • Management and communication 101
    • Managing with goals
    • Managing with motivation and conviction
    • Managing in conflict situations